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Matte Black Glass bottle

Matte Black Glass bottle
With the development of customer needs and design changings , now more and more people have much higher requirement in the outlooking of the wine bottles , today we introduce one matte black glass bottles which can be used for whisky , Bourbon Maple,Vodka, Gin, Rum and Tequila .Here below this bottle is painted from orignal color flint glass , this shape is very glassic in the bottles packing Series, Here below is the detailed photos and introduction of it , the volume can be avaible from 187m , 200ml 375ml 500ml 700ml 750ml 1000ml.
There are different caps choice for different bottles , such as Cork, Screw lid , Crown Lid , Rubber sopper , but this shape bottle is highly
recommend matching witgh the rubber stopper. The below photos give you a detailed introduction of this bottles , if you have other special needs such as different photos , design , decoraton such as screen printing,gold stamping ,decal,frosted,spraying,etc plz donot hesitate to let us know or send email to colorsglassfactory@gmail.com, our service team will support you for free , no matter from the bottles design or color , because every wine packing is start from its history story , there are different colors for different spirits , so we need to give a good offer to you according to your liquid color .

Bottle with Polymer Lid

polymer cork is made by using granulated cork and synthetic rubber polymer and their assistants.there is no worries about its leakproofness.

Thickened Bottle Bottom

Bottle Bottom thickening treatment,more wear-resistant, excluding harmful substances, corrosion protection,compression resistance,wear-resistant,safe to use.

Bottle with Long Neck Design

Cool,simplistic long neck design looks bright and tasteful,giving you the sense of maturity.
If you need any price list or free samples plz donot hesitate to send email to colorsglassfactory@gmail.com .