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Glass composition

Glass bottles are renewable resources

Glass bottles are renewable resources

Glass bottle Recycling has become a forgotten corner in the recycling system of recycled resources.Ready to be sent to the scrap purchase station, but all the scrap purchase stations do not accept glass products. Piles of empty bottles, large and small, including soy sauce bottles, bottles, canned bottles.

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It often happens that shards of glass bottles stab the sanitation staff. Especially in restaurants, KTV door outside the road, can always find a lot of discarded glass bottles.Sometimes, glass waste can exceed one-third of the total amount of waste.

According to environmental experts, glass products can not degrade after simple landfill, not only increase the total amount of waste, some of the metal components in the glass will also pollute the environment. In fact, waste glass is a kind of renewable resources with high utilization rate and easy recovery.

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At present, recycling of broken glass as raw materials, the production of environment-friendly building materials industry has been very mature.